Statement on Ukraine

We are deeply shocked by the senseless and violent atrocities taking place against the innocent people of Ukraine. We condemn Russia’s brutal act of war against a neighboring sovereign country.

Peace, international law and human rights are necessary to create the kind of world that we really need. That world is one that is inclusive, equitable, and regenerative and that protects our planet and all its people.

The people of Ukraine are utmost in our thoughts at this desperate time and therefore join the many voices calling for the end of this cruelty.

As a purpose-driven business, we embed in our mission doing right by people alongside making a profit.  We have always had room in our annual giving budget to support humanitarian or environmental crises.  This year is no different. We have decided to contribute a significant part of this year’s budget to support the people of Ukraine.  In addition, our company-matched global employee giving program welcomes donations to this cause from our team and their friends and family.

We call on all business leaders to find ways to care for and support those affected in Ukraine and indeed all people in countries suffering from conflict.

Our friends at B Lab have provided additional ways to help which include:

  • Checking in on your colleagues, suppliers and partners in Ukraine and Russia
  • Offering your services to support and provide access to necessary information and resources
  • Donating to organizations on the ground
  • Demanding action from your government
  • Supporting grass root movements and protect civic society on national and local community level
  • Being mindful of the news you consume, relying on reputable news sources
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