Have product, will travel!

We work with travel brands to help increase sales, decrease cancellation rates, improve pre, on and post-trip customer experience, build customer loyalty, and build brand awareness.

Beauty + Wellness

We use data and academic research to create sustainable products which help brands to increase digital click-through rates and email capture rates, increase sell through in-store and online, AOV, loyalty and LTV and decrease cart abandonment rates.

Have a challenge? We can help.

Direct to Consumer

We create sustainable products that help increase average basket sizes, reduce cart abandonment rates and lower the levels of product returns.  


We design products that are always in step with the latest trends and research so that our clients can increase their in-store and online sales, AOV and loyalty, and to help them reduce their product return rates.

MaCher consistently produces and delivers quality goods that meet the same high standards we uphold ourselves to at Keune Haircosmetics. They always strive for 100% client satisfaction and will go the extra mile to ensure all project deadlines are met, regardless of the circumstances.
I would highly recommend MaCher as a business partner for any company needing packaging solutions or gifts with purchase.

Promotions Manager

MaCher’s team is very professional, accommodating, and process oriented.  They always present great solutions and want to become part of our creative process to better make our ideas come to life. Despite the fact that we are a smaller company, they treated us with the same respect and sense of urgency as they would a larger company. Great at troubleshooting, MaCher always acts as our second set of eyes to check that our deliverables are in order and react extremely quickly to adapt to changes needed, especially when it came down to the wire.


Direct Sales + Subscription

We design products using our research around habit formation.  Our focus is on changing consumer behavior and in turn reducing churn rates, increasing LTV and referrals, and building customer community in a creative and thoughtful way.

Retail + Events

We use consumer insights and years of experience to know how branded giveaways, gift with purchase and marketing products can greatly enhance the customer journey.

For years MaCher has been an extension of our team, dedicated to bettering our brands with fresh and elevated gifts with purchase.

We truly appreciate their deep understanding of our needs, attention to detail, creative approach, and ability to ensure timely delivery no matter the obstacles.

They go above and beyond to bring our visions to life, and their commitment to meet and exceed our expectations are unmatched.


Food + Wine + Spirits

We work with food and drink brands across the globe to design custom gift with purchase promotions, marketing giveaways and thoughtfully branded products and packaging to increase brand awareness and sales.

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