Teeming with insights, we love applying our knowledge to custom design products from scratch. This makes us uniquely positioned between worlds – of logic and creativity, the left brain and right.

Our approach is strategic and thorough because we take our time to listen and thoughtfully resolve, with your goals, brand awareness, social relevancy and sustainability at top of mind.


With over 35 years of experience creating thoughtful custom products and packaging for the world’s leading brands – and we love what we do!

  • Exploration of brand.
  • Target market research.
  • Consumer insights and trend forecasting.
  • Transfer of academic theory into practice.

Concept Development + Design

Our creative response to your marketing challenge; we specialize in fully custom branded products.

  • 94% of products designed to be reusable for maximum brand engagement.
  • Multi-disciplinary design thinkers.
  • Ideation.
  • Sketching/illustration.
  • Graphic and product & packaging design.
  • Custom product rendering and production artwork.
  • 3D modelling and 3D printed prototyping.

Sourcing + Sampling

Don’t sweat the small stuff- we take care of every detail from sourcing materials, technical setup of graphics to ordering your custom samples.

  • Globally diverse supply base.
  • Detailed manufacturing specification, pricing, sampling of custom designed products.
  • Artwork for manufacturing.


We are uniquely positioned to manage your order from start to finish.  Our team of seasoned experts offers security and peace of mind to each of our clients.

  • Best in class risk management.
  • Project management & quality control.
  • Over 35 years of financial strength, adhering to the highest ethical values.

Testing, Compliance & Risk Mitigation

We know testing, compliance and risk mitigation inside and out as well as your legal exposure. We take it very seriously, that’s why we are industry leaders in driving systemic improvements in global supply chain management.

  • Coordination & management of legally required and industry best practice product and materials testing.
  • We are proud to be members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.
  • We also adhere to Prop 65, CCPSA, CPSIA and REACH requirements.
  • All of our suppliers meet ISO SA8000 standards.
  • We proactively engage our supply partners in transparent progress on sustainability reporting.

Logistics Management

We offer worldwide door to door coordination of freight and any additional services needed for warehousing, fulfilment, direct to consumer order, and EDI.

  • We are a level 2 validated C-TPAT Partner: a certification program created by US Customs and Border Protection to improve supply chain and border security, while offering fewer delays clearing US customs.
  • Guaranteed on time delivery with full lead time.

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