Our Purpose

We partner with brands to help them express who they are, designing thoughtful products and meaningful solutions that get them noticed.

We’re a certified B Corp, using our business as a force for good to provide the best workplace, care for our environment and positively help others.

Our values

We’re more than just a team; we personally commit to building a workplace experience on the foundation of MaCher’s core values to do good each day.

We celebrate our mistakes, lessons learned and all our accomplishments.


Working together towards shared goals


Care for each other and our environment


Bring your best self to work

Family Pride

Shared values & open communication


Be clear, be honest, be accountable

It’s all based on team effort

We like to push and challenge what is seen as ‘normal’ in what we do and how we work.

There is no hierarchy or ‘boss’ here.  We are a self-organized, or ‘teal’ business.

Each of us is completely responsible for our actions and, in good times and bad, fully accountable to one another.

Our collaboration requires a lot of trust and openness and a full acceptance of our individual foibles, but we think we are all the stronger for it.

Meet our TEAM