Travel’s comeback is looking a little different

After two full years, the travel industry is experiencing a renewed sense that its recovery has truly started. As data shows falling rates of Covid infections and increased numbers of vaccinations, consumer optimism is rising along with travel companies’ bookings.

Spring is truly in the air. All across the world borders and airports are re-opening and people are once again on the move or planning their next vacations.  A vacation now just might be a little different to what it used to be however…

Travel with greater purpose

For many, travel has taken on deeper levels of meaning as we recover from the pandemic. We are asking more questions about how to spend our precious time and our hard-earned dollars. Travel’s role in creating important and long-lasting memories, aiding our understanding of cultural heritage and supporting and respecting nature and the environment has never been stronger.

Making up for lost time

Gaining freedom from restrictions and lockdowns means that we can make up for lost time. We can once again travel and create ‘life moments’. Here in MaCher’s hometown of Los Angeles, the city reached record levels of visitors over the Super Bowl weekend. It’s not surprising. After banning spectators or cutting crowd numbers to allow for social distancing, people are finally being allowed back to events. For many people, being able to physically attend sporting, music, festival or other events again has greatly improved their lives.

Spending time with our friends and family also forges these life moments. Now no longer forced to socially distance, we can welcome opportunities to share time and create memories with others. This year’s surging demand for campsites, cabins, vacation rental homes and large dining tables in restaurants (especially those that will welcome our lockdown pets) reflects our desire to be with company again.

Understanding cultural heritage

The pandemic coincided with a time of deep reflection on the systemic inequalities in our society. More people now see travel as a way to further engage and understand their own cultural heritage and ethnicity.  They also use travel as a way to learn more about the culture of others. To help in this process and give their customers the best chance to get the most out of their experiences, travel companies are creating resources and support so travellers are better prepared to really engage with the communities they visit and amplify meaningful connections with the people they meet.

Respecting nature and the environment

During our lockdowns, more of us noticed the sights and sounds of birds chirping and nature recovering.  Now in our recovery, and with greater recognition of the fragility of our planet, growing numbers of people are requesting sustainable and environmentally-friendly travel, continuing this trend.

Travel with purpose and products with purpose

For over 30 years, MaCher has been fortunate to design and manufacture branded gifts that travelers value.  A Certified B Corp since 2014, we make our backpacks, luggage tags and safari bags in ways that are more sustainable, less wasteful, and more purpose-driven than many in the traditional promotional products industry.  We are lucky as so many of our customers, associations and non-profit stakeholders support our purpose and culture.

Just one recent example is Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines who wanted to get rid of their reliance on giving plastic water bottles to their guests. We worked with Regent and the CDC to design a water bottle that could be washed in commercial dishwashers and re-used onboard. The stylish, stainless steel reusable bottle improved the guest experience. Just as importantly, it lowered costs and removed 2 million single use bottles from both the ships and our ecosystem!

Many customers are asking travel companies to prove the sustainability of their holidays and wider operations. We are proud to help extend environmental and social responsibility beyond their immediate business into the branded products they make.

As travel continues its recovery, we would love to share our ideas.  If you are looking to remove fossil-fuel based products or shift to recycled or repurposed materials, talk to us!

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