Make your Money Matter

You can make a difference by rewarding good business

Climate change, poverty, plastic waste, deforestation, ill health – these problems seem insurmountable at times.  We might think we are just bit players on this great global stage, but every day we can choose better.  Our money matters.

Asking a few questions and looking at a brand’s sustainability actions on their website might tell you a lot, but so can what businesses don’t say. Here are some tips for how we can all make a difference in how we live, where we invest, what we buy and what we eat so that good businesses can help lead the changes our world needs more of.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” Anna Lappe


Where you Work – Certified B Corps are businesses that put purpose before profit.  If how you work matters as much as what you do, have a look for jobs here:

Where you Shop – With so many companies making claims to be green, it can hard to know what to buy. Here are some sites to guide you:

What you Eat – so much of our food is wasted, has little nutritional value or travels long distances to reach us in the first place.  Find out how you can make small but significant changes to your diet:

Where you Vacation– when we can ensure that the places we visit and the people who live and work there are always treated with dignity and respect, we can ensure tourism can be a force for good. Here are some sites to help your planning:

Where you Bank and invest– lots of our money goes to finance industries that can do harm. There are ways to bank and invest so that they help our world:

Where you get the energy to heat and cool your homeoutside of transportation, home energy use is one of the biggest parts of our carbon footprint.  Choosing clean energy might be easier and cheaper than you might realize. Find out more here:

MaCher is a Certified B Corp using our business as a force for good to provide the best workplace, care for our environment and positively help others.  We know that too often, our industry, branded products, is inefficient and wasteful and we want to lead by example.

Come and talk to us about how we help you make better things to make things better.

With thanks to Jared Meyers from Legacy Vacation Resorts, a Certified B Corp, for the inspiration for this article.

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