MaCher turns 30 years old!

Certified B Corp’s products set the industry example for both greater sustainability and greater profitability

MaCher custom designs and manufactures branded products in ways that are more sustainable, less wasteful, and more purpose-driven than many in the traditional promotional products industry. Always partnering with clients to trial and test different ideas, we gather data to prove the sound business case for creating products, while giving customers a positive and tangible experience of a brand.

In 2014, Ma Cher was the first company in the branded products industry to certify as a B Corp, proving that we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance and public transparency and have a legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.  Recertifying in 2016 and again in 2020, our B Corp scores have continued to increase.  “There has to be a sound ‘why’ behind making the products we do. We’re not at all interested in making things that people won’t use or value.’  says Derek Hydon, President of MaCher.  “It’s about combining purpose with profit,” Hydon continues.

With 30 years already under our belt, we have big ambitions to scale up our impact in our industry.  Working hard to integrate circular design solutions and removing all plastic and non-regenerative materials from our products are just two of the challenging short-term targets we have set.

By continuing to use research and capture data to improve decision-making, we also want to show clients the real examples of how sustainable solutions can also be profitable.

Just as our tagline suggests, we are indeed trying to “Make Better Things to Make Things Better”.


For more information, please contact Rochelle Turner on +44 7811124732 or email

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