France says ‘Non’ to greenwashing

Do you sell or advertise your products in France?  If you do, don’t fall foul of the anti-greenwashing regulations (or “écoblanchiment” in French) that will soon become law. 

People need to rely on truthful claims in advertising

We all want consumers to choose better products. To do this, people need to be able to rely on truthful claims in advertising. By cracking down on untested or unreliable claims, real action from companies should start to mean a lot more.

From 1st January, 2023, products or services advertised in France as ‘carbon neutral’, ‘zero carbon’, ‘climate neutral’, ‘100% offset’, ’fully offset’ or any equivalent meaning, must evidence claims or they will face significant fines.

If you claim it, you have to prove it

According to the French law, proving a sustainability claim means a company will need to:

  • Produce a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions report on the product or service prepared to an international standard
  • Provide evidence for your company’s emissions reduction plan with annual progress targets
  • Give the details for how your company will offset any emissions that cannot be reduced

MaCher’s full life-cycle analysis

To support our clients, we use a full product life-cycle analysis to calculate the total impact.  We can then compensate for the full GHG emissions of each the products we make. Our carbon compensation scheme, ‘Opt in for our Future‘, partners with SeaTrees, a not-for-profit company. SeaTrees invests in ocean health through planting and protecting ‘blue-carbon’ coastal ecosystems and supporting sustainable jobs.

Contact MaCher for more information.


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