Crystal Ball Gazing – What will 2022 bring?

As we head towards the end of this tumultuous year, we hold our hopes high for a less erratic 2022.

At MaCher, we spend a lot of time looking at insights and data to determine future trends. We want to understand what will influence consumers and business in the months ahead.  This year, we also asked our clients to predict the future issues that would most affect their business or industry.

Our clients’ views align with three main trends that we have been watching closely. These we have called ‘Keeping Well’, ‘Our Planet’ and ‘Tech & Me’.

Keeping well

As the virus spread through homes and communities, people responded with a renewed focus on keeping themselves well.  This was wellness in both a health and physical sense, but also in increased cleanliness, safety, security and financial planning.  Consumers now place greater value on brands that protect their own health and wellbeing as well as that of their wider communities.

Our clients’ Keeping Well predictions for what we will see in 2022:

  • “People will continue to move toward eating more plants/less meat with better understanding on the impact this has on their health and the planet.”
  • “Holistic wellbeing for personal transformation”
  • “Vaccines, masks, doctors, rapid tests.”
  • “Clients will want to purchase more travel insurance to protect themselves and their travel investment from the unexpected and in particular, Covid.”
  • “At-home self-tests and personalized supplements”

Our planet

We have seen more frequent and devastating storms, droughts, floods and fires over the last few years. In recognizing the human cause of climate change, consumers are demanding cleaner and greener products and are shopping more locally for their goods.  Consumers are also willing to hold companies to account, boycotting or cancelling brands that offend their beliefs or culture.

Our clients’ Our Planet predictions for what we will see in 2022:

  • “More transparency in the fashion industry as more green legislation is implemented across countries, and like Stella McCartney said, this is “an industry that got away with murder” and no longer can”
  • “Emphasis on helping travelers make informed decisions about the greenhouse gas impact of their trips.”
  • Consumers will continue to educate themselves on the companies & brands they are buying. We will continue to see a heightened awareness of how companies are responding to social issues as well as climate change & sustainability efforts.
  • I think next year refillable will grow more because the single use products are getting out of hand.

Tech & me

Staying locked down at home for weeks at a time during the worst of the pandemic brought about a huge increase in the acceptance of online and digital technology. Surveillance, AI, video conferencing, wearables and other tech solutions are becoming further integrated into all aspects of our everyday lives.

Our clients’ Tech & Me predictions for what we will see in 2022:

  • “Social commerce and live-streaming in beauty”
  • The use of wearables for health and wellness tracking will increase” 
  • “More travel companies will supply communications and travel documents digitally to customers.”
  • “More digital access to all things travel (apps, podcasts, touchless entry into venues, self-check hotels) helping to reduce the overall environmental impact of travel.”

Beyond the consumer

Of course, consumer behaviors only form part of the story.  The year ahead will see the continuation of other factors that will impact the way we live and how business operates. Non-traditional working patters, enhanced sustainability regulations and workforce retention are just three of the issues that companies will seriously grapple with over the coming months.


Regardless of the challenge, MaCher will be here to help support and guide you throughout 2022 and beyond.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year.

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